Mapjects: Health IT, Cyber, Cloud, Data Management

Our portfolio of IT Services come with domain SME’s and proven track record for e.g. PMO, logistics, clinical trials, substance abuse &  mental health, grants management, OMB  300 support, SMART performance measures, data integration, AWS, 3PAO FedRAMP cloud etc.

Mapjects: 360 Asset Tasks Grants & Data Management  is the #1 Selling Mapjects Tool

With over 40+ endpoints and counting, Mapjects is a complete 360 turnkey data platform for turn key grants, budgeting, costing, data visualization and planning platform to serve the federal market.

Your IT Toolbelt: 12 week deliverables & we support your IT needs

Mapjects is loaded with useful, functional options that allow users to quickly and easily create stunning Op Plans, Budget Models. But that’s not all, with Mapjects you also get the amazing customer service!

  • Fully responsive so your data provides realtime insights and trends
  • Meta portfolios give you the opportunity to showcase your work
  • Advanced feature options to easily customize your portfolios
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Simpler Than Ever To Manage Budgets OpPlans Spend Grants Acquisition!

We’ve added several Agency Program Features and more out of the box budget templates that allow you to build turnkey Budgets Accounts and Grants for your organization or program.

What Else Does Mapjects Include? Please call, We’ll show You!

Mapjects is loaded with features and options that make it easy for you to build budgets, Op Plans, What-if models from templates into program portfolios. We’ve put a lot of thought and care into making Mapjects user-friendly, and our 80+ instances are evidence to that point. We know you will enjoy Mapjects as much as we do. It offers so many different flexible options and features like multiple portfolio combinations and layouts that allow you to drive the work and task order items. We also offer different templates, reports, and portfolio layouts that include new compliance and audit timeline. Include all of that with over 100 drag and drop operations and you have flexible controls on your budgets, cost and planning.

Mapjects also includes seamless integration from user feedback!

Deliver simplicity through Mapjects Innovation to complex cutting edge problems.
Creative Innovation, hard work and best value for our customers.
Try it, don’t like it, don’t pay for it.
Heavy use of component based design, with sustainability and environment in mind.
Budgets, Assets, Resources & Counting
Hours of Development
Cups of Coffee

Amazing Tools To Leverage Line of Business Applications

  • Fully integrated with Oracle fusion, SAP, Quickbooks, so your data is always actionable
  • Awesome drag and drop features give you the opportunity to model what-if scenarios
  • Advanced features options panel to easily customize your portfolios
  • Multiple layout portfolios to manage and switch between individual tasks
  • Amazing meta options for seamless portfolios
  • We care about your work and stakeholders as much as you.

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