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Project Management fully automated and reinvented by Mapjects. We provide turnkey GIS project portal tools for infrastructure operations and franchise logistics

Mapjects is a leading centralized operations portal for enterprises facing challenges with distributed large scale projects. Our platform fully automates data and operations management, we engineered a suite of components that meet the needs of growing complex projects, like data harvesting and grouping SAAS platforms based on franchise supply chain models. Mapjects Clearview technology provides one-click distribution, supply chain control with M2M, logistics and analysis products to enrich and visualize big data sets from warehousing, fulfillment, fraud detection, payment technology and b2b eCommerce.!
Contact Us is a seamless GIS data┬ámanagement and mapping portal with logistics, project management and supply chain features – designed to solve emerging data management and project operational challenges over wide distributed teamsLearn More
Sketch your plan for any operation, drag the components, click build, and will build it for you, its that easy – try it!Learn More
Every organization function is at your finger tips, imagine you don’t need a team of 100 ERP consultants, we put the power in the business users hands!Learn More
For the more complex challenges, like Business Intelligence, or logistics, CRM, ERP components, there is a full app gallery inside, each of these can be used to construct your custom portal!Learn More

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Mapjects – Sandbox tools for CEO, CFO, COO and VP’s

As a CEO, CFO, CIO, CMO, COO or CXO; or any VP for that matter, You are tasked with decisions. These decisions bear a lot of weight, beyond the balance sheet, till today, there hasn’t been a modeling tool, that provides a sandbox for a what if scenario.

Mapjects is that/your “0 risk” free sandbox, you can drag and drop to build a model. Once, your model is read, you can simply cost and view the impact of the decision on the organization. This model, when validated, can be executed to a go live production version.

Mapjects Records Management with Asset Fleet and Fuel Inventory Management