MAPJECTS ASSET TRACKING Asset Tracking is a tracking, auditing, reporting and locating of physical, real, fixed and mobile assets. Each time an asset moves from place to place that movement is tracked by our system. This allows your org. and users to know where to find the asset, who has it, and even request the asset for themselves., this enables your organization to Improve asset allocation, Locate assets by job site and user, Streamline equipment inspections, calibrations, and preventive maintenance

ITEM-LEVEL ASSET TRACKING FUNCTIONS Each asset has its own set of tracking actions available including assigning the asset to a user or location, requesting the asset from its current assignment, returning the asset from assignment or printing a label using NetLabels2 . Since, these can be done right from that asset’s main information screen, we can Ensure equipment and crew compliance and Equipment and tools preservation and retention

BATCH-LEVEL ASSET TRACKING FUNCTIONS Asset tracking actions can also be taken at a batch level so multiple assets can be assigned. This eliminates project interruptions due to mismanagement of equipment, materials, and consumables, returned or requested as well as having multiple barcodes printed at the same time. While it allows for greater flexibility as well as greater efficiency for file rooms or any situation where users must act on many assets at a time.

BARCODE READER INTEGRATION MxRadar360 has been designed for compatibility with barcode scanners which allow for the most efficient asset tracking experience. We can help your CFO, COO and CIO Improve efficiency, accuracy, and accountability across your entire company. With deep linking our Barcode scanners are available for desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones which can turn any device into an asset management tool. The results are evident in $ money Saved and time by knowing where and when to cut costs and losses

AD-HOC & CUSTOM REPORTING CAPABILITIES MxRadar360 provides multiple levels of reporting for asset tracking.
Run AUDITS  easily and consistently: Each individual asset has its own history log of all transactions that have occurred for that asset including all assignments and returns for that asset. Also available is a list of current requests for the asset. These are all easily accessible from the asset information screen. Global asset tracking reports show who had which assets over a given period of time, when they were assigned, when they were returned and who returned them. Asset request reports show outstanding request throughout the entire system. Each user also has their own Asset Management status panel on their home page which shows all the assets the user has assigned to them as well as any outstanding asset requests.

Sometimes, an asset is needed immediately. Oftentimes, the equipment hasn’t been stored properly after it was used in a previous investigation our RFID solution will let you know.

Many companies have at least two warehouses. Other companies have large assets like airplanes that are stored outside. In both of these situations, RFID technology can help you find your asset, but the readers that work in warehouses aren’t strong enough to find the asset, according to the “Solving Asset Tracking Problems with RFID” report.

The report recommends using RFID systems “in conjunction with” cellular global positioning system (GPS) tags, satellite GPS tags, or Wi-Fi RFID tags. Cellular GPS and satellite GPS tags can only be used outdoors. All three systems use the Real-Time Location System. That means the location of your assets is continually updated. If you want to rent a specific car or airplane, you can find it expeditiously. That kind of technology can help you be more receptive to customers and boost business.

The consequemces or shipping, service orders, repairs, checkin checkouts, problem of late shipments or shipments with missing parts is mitgated using our RFID technology on trucks and dock doors.

Wiht our RFID solution we provide visibility into the movements of equipment, including the history & life cycle of last used.