Mapjects Technologies is one of the leading providers of global integrated cloud business, data and application migration technology, and process solutions

Known for innovative design, Mapjects focuses on solutions that reduce cost of ownership, enhance product quality, and increase worker productivity for our clients. Mapjects started building applications on the Windows Azure platform to provide customers with dynamically scalable, high-performance applications on a pay-as-you-go basis. By taking advantage of the on-demand application scaling, Windows Azure storage services, Microsoft SQL Azure relational database capabilities, and support for familiar programming languages in the Windows Azure platform, Mapjects expects to reduce costs, improve agility, enhance global consistency for its customers, and add new revenue streams for its own operations.

Expanding the Scope

Mapjects is actively automating data, applications and systems to native Windows Azure capabilities in other industries. For example, it has migrated CRM platforms, MRP platforms, and other B2B industry providers in 12 week cycles. To complement this, Mapjects is developing a Virtual Service Center portal that will extend our customers as providers to offer online services to their workforce and customers without having to maintain their own field infrastructure and applications.
Mapjects is taking advantage of additional features in Windows Azure, such as Access Control and the event hub, Power BI, Office 365, AI, Machine Learning, Service Bus, to create hybrid software-plus-services applications in these solutions that combine cloud and on-premises applications.

We can integrate and support Access Control as Virtual Service Center portal to support multiple authentication providers. The portal supports federated Active Directory authentication with an on-premise Active Directory for insurance providers, forms authentication for customers and their federated authentication for end customers. The Service Bus enables integration with an insurance provider’s on-premise database to allow stakeholders to register with the customer portal for onboarding.

Mapjects is building solution accelerators and tools for its customers to use to further reduce the time to build, migrate, deploy and monitor Windows Azure solutions. Taking advantage of capabilities in the Windows Azure platform such as federated authentication, enhanced support for RESTful services, and SQL Azure, will help customers reduce cost and gain many innovative capabilities.

By building solutions on the Windows Azure platform, Mapjects will be able to cost effectively provide its enterprise customers with solutions that scale dynamically to meet demand, reduce computing costs, and enhance global consistency. Mapjects intends to evaluate cloud capabilities for its internal applications and apply them where applicable.

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The combination of Mapjects, our private and internally developed tooling with data automation and the Windows Azure platform, including SQL Azure, allows our customers to remove the high data center costs associated with running a multi-application environment by moving these operations to a consumption based pricing model. Banks will no longer need to expend time and budget on provisioning and operating hardware resources, as running Mapjects naively on the Windows Azure platform enables them to scale resources effectively and increase volume according to customer demand.